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A registration pack for the Bramley Pips Nursery can be downloaded from this site at the following link - click here.


School Holiday Clubs for children aged 5+

The Bramley Pips team believe that school holidays should be fun and full of memorable activities so that our children look forward to attending. Our enthusiasm for being outdoors and enabling the children in all activities gives them purpose and fulfillment. Now all parents can have piece of mind when it comes to childcare throughout every School Holiday or Inset Day with options available that suit every requirement. More information is available on our leaflet and a registration form is available in our Holiday Club pack, prices are displayed below.

To book your holiday club place simply complete the registration form which is inside the above pack and return it together with your payment to the Bramley Pips Nursery. Parents that already have an open account with us can book their attendance in the usual way.


Free Transport on the Nursery Bus

For parents that find it difficult to reach us but still want their child to use their Free Entitlement (FE) at Bramley Pips, the nursery provides a free collection (between 9am and 10am) and delivery (between 4pm and 5pm) service. This service is provided free of charge for FE children around the Southwell area as far as Caunton, Maplebeck, Eakring, Bilsthorpe, Oxton, Epperstone, Lowdham and all villages within. For more details contact the nursery.

During school holidays the Fun Bus is also used to collect the Tree House Club (between 8am and 9am) and return them home after tea (between 4pm and 5pm). Places are limited so early booking is essential and the bus runs to a wider area than the FE service. For more details contact the nursery.


Nursery Price List as of 1st April 2018

Nursery/Pre-School Holiday Club (5+)
Full Day = £45.00
Half Day = £28.00
(AM 7.30-12.30 or PM 1.00 to 6.00)

Hourly = £7.00

School Collect = £11.00
School Drop = £6.50
Half Day School Collect/Drop = £6.50

All meals are included.
Without Food -
Full Day = £25.00
Activity Specials (9am to 3pm) = £20.00 Half Day = £15.50
(AM 7.30-12.30 or PM 1.00 to 6.00)
Hourly = £4.00

With Food -
Full Day = £36.00
Half Day = £23.00
(AM 7.30-12.30 or PM 1.00 to 6.00)
Hourly = £5.95

Holiday Club bookings not on account are not guaranteed until payment has been received.

Please note: Full Day and Half Day bookings should be made a month in advance, or as available. Ad hoc bookings for child care by the hour can only be made the week before and with availability permitting.


Other charges -

Credit Account Deposit - £50.00
Registration Fee - £10.00
Late Pick-up Fee - £15.00 (charged at manager´s discretion)

Flexibility and Swapping Sessions

Bramley Pips appreciates that modern life is not necessarily nine to five for every parent/guardian and also that modern day commitments mean that parent/guardians may want to change their childcare occasionally. As such Bramley Pips tries to help every parent/guardian by operating a flexible approach to booking their child care. We provide a variety of different registration types including full time, term time only and even ad-hoc sessions. Some of our children even have patterns that operate over a period of several weeks.

As well as the registration options we offer every parent/guardian that has a booked session with us the ability to swap that session with a minimum of 24 hours notice before the session is due to start. The session has to be swapped in its entirety and cannot be broken apart however this means that dentist or routine hospital appointments need no longer interfere with your childcare. Swaps are always a request and not guaranteed until we have checked the availability of space for the requested session but this option can help in emergencies and short notice situations.


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